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Recruiting members

WIF 2007 will take place on the 14th and 15th of June. To make the festival the best it can be, we are currently recruiting (1) Performance Leaders, (2) Performers, and (3) Booth Staff Members.

(1) Leaders

Performance leaders are those who know a cultural dance and wish to teach it to the performers. It does not even have to be a dance; any performance that is reflective of a country's culture is also good. Anyone wishing to show a cultural dance should join as performance leaders.

(2) Performers

Performers are the members who will perform together with the leaders for the dance or art of their choice. Anyone who wants to learn countries' arts should join as performers.

(3) Booth Staff Members

Booth Staff Members will not only be asked to introduce the culture of the booth of their choice, but also to give advice as of what to show in these booths. Those who wish to study a country in detail should join as Booth Staff Members.

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